Robotics lab 26-in-1
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Have you noticed how robots are becoming more and more a part of our lives?

From practical robots to novelty robots, industrial applications to science fiction, robots are a part of our modern life. We designed this course to give students an introduction to what a robot is and how robots sense the world around us. This course is the perfect introduction to the exciting field of robotics because it offers a hands on experience for your students as they build and experiment with different robots. For example, your students will be able to build a robot that "sees" in the dark or a robot that can sense a puddle of water all while learning about electronics and robotics. A complete list of the robots included with this lab is shown below.

This lab is completely reusable and designed with the student in mind. Each experiment has been thoroughly tested and developed to offer the maximum educational value. Each robot that the student will build comes with detailed instructions, illustrations, schematic, wiring guide and theory of operation. All experiments/robots operate on one 9V battery (not included) and use the same robot chassis and relay control board. All of the necessary components and wire is supplied along with a reusable solder-less breadboard and detailed instruction manual. This lab is a tremendous educational value.

The C6890 comes with relay and sensor board are UN-ASSEMBLED and (requires soldering) for assembly.

A detailed Instruction Manual is included with this Lab that contains all of the information that your students will need to successfully complete the robot experiments. This lab features a detailed introduction what a robot is and what robots do. After the introduction, the student will begin to build a basic robotic platform from which all of the other experiments will be based. The robots progress in complexity and each robot is fun to build and operate. Some of the topics covered include: Sensor Technology, Infrared (IR) Vision, Transistor Operation, Integrated Circuits, Relay Operation, Electronic Motors and basic electronic concepts including Ohm's law and component identification.

Check out the experiments/learning activities in the 26 in 1:

Instructional Exercises
  1. Experiment 1 Building the Robot Platform
  2. Experiment 2 Testing the Basic Robot Base, Drive System and Power System
  3. Experiment 3 Electronic Component Identification
  4. Experiment 4 Assembling the Relay Control Board and Optical Eye Sensor Board
  5. Experiment 5 Testing the Relay Control Board and Optical Eye System
  6. Experiment 6 Basic Robot Turns
  7. Robot 1      Direction Changing Desktop Robot
  8. Robot 2      “Hollywood Starbot” Light Activated Robot
  9. Robot 3      "The Moth" Light Following Robot
  10. Robot 4      Nocturnal Explorer Robot
  11. Robot 5      Shadow Controlled Robot
  12. Robot 6      "The Pirate" Treasure Finding Robot
  13. Robot 7      The Dancing Robot
  14. Robot 8      "The Nightcrawler" Optical Obstacle Avoider Robot
  15. Robot 9      Repelled by Dark Surfaced Robot
  16. Robot 10     Target Practice Robot
  17. Robot 11     Infrared Navigator Robot
  18. Robot 12     Infrared Racer Robot
  19. Robot 13     Acrophobic Robot
  20. Robot 14     Fearless Explorer Table Navigator Robot
  21. Robot 15     Phototropic Robot
  22. Robot 16     Abracadabra Magic Spell Robot
  23. Robot 17     "Night Vision" Infrared Obstacle Avoider Robot
  24. Robot 18     The Line Tracer Robot
  25. Robot 19     "Mr. Puddle" The Water Detecting Robot
  26. Robot 20     "The Wall Flower" Wall Follower Robot

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