SAYAL Electronics is an electronic parts distributor stocking a wide selection of electronic components and test instruments. We distribute locally and around the world from our location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

SAYAL Electronics 100,000+ line item inventory database is available on-line. Search FAST! by part number or description. Use our Product Index to drill down quickly into the database and locate the components you require and request orders for components (that are available from stock) with immediate delivery.
Our comprehensive Manufacturer Index will help you locate specific component requirements. Search for new or surplus electronic components, test equipment and find data sheets.
Updated daily as new products arrive in our 55,000+ sq/ft. warehouse. All Prices are in Canadian dollars (CDN).
SAYAL Electronics offers inventory solutions to companies. Specialized in the purchasing of excess electronic component inventory, SAYAL Electronics provides an efficient and cost effective solution for the disposition of your excess inventory. We will buy your excess and surplus electronics inventory.

SAYAL Electronics accepts international orders.
Source Components! Still having trouble locating inventory? Email us to help you source your components!